If  you'd like to contact me, you can do so by sending electronic mail to the following address:

While you're at it, spend a few hours browsing my wristwatch websites (say that fast ten times).  Buy much and buy often, because you can never have too many wristwatches.  I'm living proof of that. 
For every $1,000 dollars you spend on my site, I'll send you a picture of me smiling slyly while holding up whatever new goody I bought with your money, or a marginally interesting rock with a pointy end that you can pretend is an arrowhead made by a red Indian in the good ol' days of yore.
Yore choice.
Also, I'm working on an all Timex site to showcase my sweet collection of Timeces, or Timexeses or whatever.  I really dig the older models.  Not much is happening on the site just yet, but you should check back every few minutes to be sure you miss nothing.  Visit the TimeXperience by clicking on the following link:
Finally, I have one more site dealing exclusively with Swiss Made watches.  Like the TimeXperience, it's not quite ready for primetime, but you can still visit by going here:
And, while we're on the subject of your buying stuff from me, here's my blog address:
I'm updating the watches available on an almost daily basis.  At any time you may find Timex, Fossil, Anne Klein, Vintage and Modern Elgin, Bulova, etc., Longines, Bucherer, Casio, Seiko, Hamilton, and the very occasional Omega or similar.  I urge you to visit and buy, buy, buy before I come to my senses and raise my prices to a sane level. 
I collect wrist and pocket watches, and often buy large collections of them just to get one or two that I want.  The rest, while they may be super neat, in great shape, and well-maintained (or not), don't interest me enough to justify keeping them.  Therefore, the watch site and blog.  You'll always know exactly what you'll get if you buy a watch from me, because I'll identify and photograph every flaw possible.  I want my customers to be delighted with their purchases, because I know most of you earn your money the same way I do - by working hard for it- and it's too far too dear to throw away on junk. 
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