Doppelphalli Aegpyticus
A VoiDemon of the 6th Aero-Plane.  Appears as a Twentieth Century male attired in archaic “British” tweeds, smoking a Woodbine cigarette, or as a twenty-five cubit bi-pedal, black goat with serpent fangs, hawk-eyes, and a five yard long erect human phallus.  Gives knowledge of erotic arts, obtains men or women for the invocant’s pleasure, teaches rape and ravishment.  Makes a poor familiar.   Will attempt homicide and/or rape against the invocant or assistants at first opportunity.  A dangerously malevolent VoiDemon. Avatar resides within the Doppelphalli Aegypticus Stele in the SubAstra Asylum Five Abyssilica.

Gens Residuum

An unfederated, motley collection of living creatures spontaneously generated out of the waste matter of the first Creation.  No two are alike, though many may share bizarre genetic mutations.  Among the more arresting mutations, one may find psychokinesis, transmogrification of self and others, extra-sensory perception in nine dimensions, impractical or horrific body forms, bodiless self-awareness, gravity immunity, quantum or instantaneous travel, exponential growth or reduction, exponential aging or regression, the ability to survive extremes of temperature, ability to thrive within a partial or complete vacuum, highly specialized diet (ex. offal, feces, quicksilver, etc.,), extreme long-life, extreme short-life,  poisonous or diseased exhalations, ultra-high decibel sonorities, ultra-low frequency voicings, omnicidal compulsions, and myriad others. Because of the highly diverse characteristics, GRs rarely cohabitate.  This does not appear to affect a high propensity toward procreation among compatible life-forms.  Not surprisingly, offspring produced thusly exhibit peculiar and unique characteristics of their own.  The GR have long been regulated to the fringes of inhabitable space and to the least desirable deep-void planetoids.  There has been a recent tendency among some higher forms to attempt to ‘relocate’ the GR to within Dark Matter Areas or Light Snares, on the excuse that the GR are “really strange, ugly, and just freakin’ creepy.” As policy, this will be considered during the next meeting of the Void Council.


A negative-matter pulse cannon. The Vexkanone fires a fully 360 degree negative-matter pulse which causes instantaneous and complete vaporization of all physical matter. It is  listed as Class V Contraband by the Destructive Technology Restrictions of earlier this decade.

The Deep Void Delirium Forge (DVDF)

Very simple in principle, the DVDF is a planet-sized Biomechanical construct that allows living beings to experience the workings of the mind as reality.  Users perceive the ‘mind-only’ environments with all of the twelve universal senses, and may interact freely with any elements within the DVDF.  However, there are two caveats:  The first is that users have no visible form.  While the imprint of the native form is retained, it becomes invisible during the  /Psyche/→thrust/  into the DVDF.  This is an undesirable side-effect of the thrust that technicians have been unable to overcome as of this writing.  Though the body form is invisible, it is tangible.  Therefore, while the user may move about and interact inside the DVDF without being seen, the senses of the user still provide input to the user’s mind.  So, physical perception is not altered, leaving the user open to pain, pleasure, injury and body/mind death.  While those users experiencing mortality within the DVDF cannot be said to be dead when disconnected from the Forge, they seem to exist in a state of permanent catalepsy within the DVDF environment last experienced. Technicians are working to resolve this oddity of existence.  Second, users do not experience the environments of their own mind.  Because currently there is no method of targeted insertion into the DVDF, each experience is one of random chance. Therefore, a human user may find that he or she has been inserted into the mind-environment of a Gens Residuum or a Deep Void Dweller, depending on the ethnographic makeup of users at any one time. Obviously, this can have a negative impact upon the mental state of those unprepared for such possibilities.   This said, it is often as likely that the user will be inserted into the mind-environment of a fellow being and enjoy vivid and deeply satisfying experiences.It should be noted that during recent years, certain omnicidal Gens Residua have accomplished pirated insertions into the DVDF.  Because of the woeful lack of policing inside the DVDF, these omnicides have been able to effectively destroy a large number of beings within the DVDF parameters. This achieves a twofold effect:  First, it disables the victim of the attack both inside the DVDF and in the real-world environment.  Second, because victims of mortal experience inside the DVDF cannot be said to be dead in real-world environments, many races offer long-term caretaking services for these victims, thereby diverting resources, both monetary and lifepower, from other needs, such as defense.  Lately, some nearby planetary councils have begun to refuse funding to groups that provide caretaking to voluntary ‘psychonauts’, as users of the DVDF are known.  Three well-known councils have even instituted ‘Drift’ laws into their legal codes.  Simply put, when cataleptic or unresponsive users of the DVDF are identified by council representatives, they are summarily loaded into holds of Deep Void Waste Craft and set adrift in the Void.  Though there has been some outcry against these policies, more and more councils are considering implementing them.  Update:  Recent developments regarding the DVDF bear reporting.  Because of the extremely long lifespan of certain Gens Residua, it has become possible to map more or less stable environments within the DVDF.   The DVET, which owns the DVDF, has placed a number of these beings in permanent stasis within the DVDF, in order to provide detailed descriptions of the environments engendered thereby.  It should be noted that the DVET placed these beings in stasis under the law of “assumed consent”.  Under the letter of this universal law, consent for any act can be assumed if no dissension is observed.  Because many of the Gens Residuum have no capacity for communication of any kind, the DVET finds them to be exceptionally accommodating in this respect. Despite these stable environments, targeted insertion is still not possible.  However, the DVET hopes eventually to have enough ‘voluntary’ beings in permanent stasis to provide users with a reasonable expectation of enjoying a pleasurable experience inside the DVDF.

Obscurum In Excelsis

(OIE) Officially, the OIE is a Thirteen member Sub-council of the Deep Void Ecclesiastical Tyranny, though in practice it operates as a wholly independent body.  Members are chosen by anonymous vote from the Ecclesiastical Association of Astragnosis and Fraternitas Lucis Niger. Outwardly responsible for the propagation and enforcement of Deep Void amorality, the council is believed to be involved in covert sacrificial and propitiatory rites, as well as funding planet-wide suicide days, and promoting the libertine Neo-Bacchic Orgasmathon on the Venusian Dark Satellite Phallatus. Meets under armed guard inside Buckminster Abbey.


False Penitents, Apostates, Heretics, or Relapsi condemned by Ecclesiastical Decree to become victims of sacrificial or celebratory rites.

Auto Da Fé

Rites of the “Act of Faith” celebrated to enforce faithful adherence to any number of prescribed void theologies.  Rites vary, but the central tenets require the sacrificing of Nihili in the name of the deity being thus honored.  Victims may be dispatched using any of a number of methods, the most common being muscular immobilization and insertion into a clear Ultra-high Pressure Flesh Compression Chamber®, made under license from General Discorporation and Experimental Agonistics, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of TransUniversal Torture Technologies, LTD.  Once inside the chamber, the victim is subjected to a pressure increase from standard Earth atmospheric levels of 103 Pa / 101.325 kPa to 1015 Pa / 25 PPa (250 billion Bar) in the space of five seconds, resulting in a vibrantly messy and dramatic spectacle.

Venusian Dark Satellite Phallatus

 An invitation-only moonlet orbiting in obscura the Planet Venus in the Milky Way Galaxy.  It is kept hidden from satellite and radar systems by a Schwarzengeist M-XIIvI Obskuror, made by Shwarzenwerk Systematisch und Gihern Vorhangen, a wholly owned subsidiary of TransUniversal Torture Technologies, LTD. Phallatus gained infamy when it was chosen to host the bi-monthly Orgasmathon and run under the auspices of the Congress of Neo-Bacchic Faiths.  It is believed to be overseen in secret by the Obscurum in Excelsis, though proof of this has yet to be obtained.  The week-long event consists of a number of specialized courts or chambers, each catering to a certain sexual predilection or subculture.  Participants are not required to provide proof of age or medical certificates, thus giving anti-sex protestors much ammunition toward the approval of anti-sex laws. There has been a marked increase in the number of beings suffering from cross-species sexually transmitted diseases since the Orgasmathon begin over a century ago.  Regardless of this trend, there appears to be no shortage of participants enjoying the offerings on Phallatus. With membership of the disparate groups comprising the CNBF believed to be in the tens of millions on at least 1500 worlds, the likelihood of shutting down what the CNBF claims are religious rites is slim.

Schwarzengeist M-XIIvI Obskuror

 The M-XIIvI operates using technology similar to Buckminster Abbey’s Dissuasion Shield.  However, while the Dissuasion Shield merely discourages uninvited guests and provides physical armor against intrusion, the Obskuror creates feelings of revulsion, horror and fear in the mind of any lifeform approaching the moonlet without clearance. If the lifeform continues to approach undiscouraged, the Obskuror fires a negative-matter pulse from an on-board Vexkanone which vaporizes physical matter while leaving no evidence in its wake.  Made by Shwarzenwerk Systematisch und Gihern Vorhangen, a company with a long history of creating destructive martial and coversion technology, and providing the technology to individuals, groups, or races who are sufficiently financed.  The M-XIIvI is a twelfth generation device using the Schwarzengeist coversion technology and the first to be coupled with a Vexkanone negative-matter pulse cannon.  Because the M-XIIvI and similar devices work so well, proof that these devices exist has been virtually impossible to document, thereby making prosecution against SSGV and their clients impossible.

Doppelphalli Ægypticus Stele

Stele erected as residence for the avatar of the VoiDemon Satyrthoth, and as a focal point of his propitiatory rites.   While the rites are shrouded in secrecy, it is believed that Satyrthoth requires both blood and flesh offerings as conditions of continued communion with his followers. It is known from the testimony of apostates that certain rites require sexual congress between the VoiDemon and celebrants.  Because of the violence associated with sexual union with Satyrthoth, a number of celebrants - male and female - have been maimed or killed outright in recent years.