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Welcome to Lux Astra!

Hi.  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you enjoy your stay.

What you'll find is a whole bunch of pictures that I've taken over the course of time.  For one reason or another, some of these pictures sparked my imagination. In them I found fantastic worlds full of things strange and mysterious, creatures created piecemeal from parts of things long gone and forgotten, structures leviathan and quantum in realms of strange and wonderful  physics where things we can achieve only in our most unrestrained dreams are the order of the day.

Often, the images my camera caught were like the ghosts of other dimensions; formless, unnameable, only primal, naked light, bent, split, twisted, wrought into form as if it were something physical, a medium like the oils of the painter or the marble of the sculptor.  I think there is great beauty in the formless; something alive almost, something shed of fetters, as if, loosed of body and form and thought, it can be as it is, free to act as itself, to move in a natural state, to be more than a base catalyst, more than a  developer.  In formless color and colorless form, light should be revered for more than the simple work it performs as expositor of beauty in things we ourselves create, it should be acclaimed for the beauty of it's own. 

It's true that, on occasion, we see that innate beauty without seeking it;  in a high, miles-long rainbow shimmering against clearing skies; in the Aurora Borealis, light so beautiful and strange and wonderful that it makes our jaw drop and heart leap.  It is then, during those rare and marvelous moments, that the light becomes a presence, so tangible that we feel if only we could suspend our disbelief, we could touch other worlds where we could push away from gravity's clutching fingers and drift along, suspended warm, weightless and smiling in the glow of golden twilight.

Then, too, there are times, looking into the empyrean, marveling at the stars so far and bright, like sparks adrift in molten pitch, seen at present as they were years, centuries, aeons past, that visions come unbidden of floating through the void, through an endless, trackless gulf filled with infinite sparkling, twinkling points of light, and impossibly far, unimaginably colossal galaxies that pulse like beating hearts in slow, millennial motion through shifting colors unconceived... 

On perfect nights, in perfect sleep, I dream these dreams.

So, light and color and form and formless are the stuff of those dreams.  To be sure, they are not always bright and open to the shining sun - they too can be dark, full of menace and malevolence, home to things lurking, watching, waiting in the void of lightless places. They speak in whispers, with voices like the play of blades across soft skin.  They laugh, low and mirthless, with the promise of horrors to be, with the pleasure of being instruments of fear.  Hidden, glimpsed in the periphery of shadow, they move unseen, betrayed by the click of claws and quickening of foul breath as they make approach to strike. They are black lightning, rarely seen directly, known only by where they were, gone before the eye can fix upon them.  They are all the more horrible for this.  Creatures only guessed at by a disturbance of air or a slithering snap of leaves, made monstrous by the mind as it conjures form and fang from every fear housed within its limitless chambers.  They are the most personal of monsters, aggregates of dread and hate and terror.   
They can be frightening, it's true, but they are always interesting

Sometimes in the colors and geometry of captured light, I can imagine therein features of the familiar world, things, places, people even, only they are somehow unfamiliar in such settings, both real and near to life and in the same frame unreal and distant, a view of the routine world seen through strange eyes. 

Through the pictures on these pages, I hope to give you a glimpse of these things as I see them through the lenses of my eyes and my camera.
I am neither a professional photographist, nor even an expert amateur.  I shoot what I like and what I think will make the type of picture that I'd enjoy seeing. Sometimes I get it right. Much of the time I don't. 
I admire the work and spirit of artists such as Ansel Adams and Man Ray less for their mastery of the medium in which they worked, than for the magic they created in their works.  I do not, however, aspire to be like them.
While they are bright beacons, I wish to burn with my own light, grouped among the heavens or as a solitary star.

When deep insights and profundities are peeled away, the fact is that I have a lot of fun taking photographs. There is something existential, something extra-mundane about planning and setting up a picture and photographing it to finding that it turned out exactly as your imagination thought it should.  Or, to prepare and shoot and discover things within the picture that you had never before seen, things that did not exist in your sight until caught mid-becoming by the camera. In the spectra of color and the geometries of form exist worlds within worlds, dreams within dreams.

Whether these photographs are considered art or waste or something in between is of no mind to me.  Exploring the world of color and form and giving life to it on occasion is something I enjoy. That's enough for me.

I hope you enjoy looking.

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